How to add a pre-existing character to the DCS

You should be able to enter anything into the DCS that you could on a sheet of paper.
If you have opened the DCS, select the "New Character" tab in the lower right of the window. The base character is an eighteen year old human male called "Nameless Traveller". He has stats are all 7, and he has nothing.
If you click on the Menu tab, one of the options on the menu is "Edit Character Basics." This allows you to enter the characters name, race, age and gender.
To adjust your statistics, simply click in the area of the sheet that contains the character stats. This will open a screen where the stats can be modified using the plus, or minus, signs. The amount of damage that the character may have taken is shown in the circle with the red number. If the character has taken damage, on the stats screen, when you hit the "DMG" tab, it opens a screen where the damage to that stat can be adjusted (for example if one is assumed to have recovered during a jump from system to system). The green number in a circle are stat changes due to equipment like Battle Dress.
If you click on the area where Pension, Debt, and Cash is shown, a screen opens where these amounts can be changed. This allows the player to simply add, or subtract, values as events in the game occur. For normal purchases, and sales, of equipment, cash is changed by the system.
Skills can be added by going to the Skills tab, and clicking the "All" button. Select the skill desired, and hit the "+" button. Skills can be reduced with the "-" button.
Weapons and equipment each have a tab where you can see what is already in the character's possession, and what is available in the marketplace(via the radio buttons at the bottom of the area). Equipment can be purchased, sold, and in some cases modified and managed (adding some features).
If you click the Contacts tab, you can add, edit, or delete contacts, allies, rivals, or enemies. A contact can be modified to change the nature of the association, location, and notes about the relationship.
If you click the Career tab, you can add, edit, or delete terms from the prior career of the character.
If you click on the Log tab, you can add notes about the character, or enter a log of the character's adventures. This can be useful if some time later in the campaign, you want to look back to see what happened earlier, and when it happened.
If you go to the Menu tab, you can also modify the avatar shown for your character, within some limits. You can change skin color, or body type (IE. skinny, muscular, portly).  Or you can substitute a 2D image of your choosing.
If you click on the area between the character's name and log tab, the character's home planet can be selected. This function will be added in the 3.0 version of the software, and accesses the internet for a map of the Spinward Marches so it may take a while to complete. By dragging the screen to the desired system and clicking on it, the character's home system can be set.
I hope this explains how to enter a previously created character into the DCS. If there are any further questions, please let us know.

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