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    Robert Glaub

    Where to I place the folders for vehicles and ships?

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    that is mu issue as well , how do I load the vehicles and ships , I thought it updated it self, it was their the first time I OPEN THE PROGRAM.


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    Michael O'Higgins

    This is my issue as well. No instructions!


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       Vehicles and ships can be purchased in the Digital Character Sheet, if one has enough credits.  They then appear on the list of equipment as something the character owns.  There is not a separate folder for these items. 

       We are currently working on Starship Architect program, which will give much more detail on ships.

    RPGSuite Support. 

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    simon makin

    I bought the core materials package, spent hours creating numerous characters, including a session with a group of players, and now the CG program won't launch. The CS program starts fine, but the "play" button for the CG program does absolutely nothing. I'm pretty hacked off I wasted my time and money...

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