What if I have house rules, or want to change something?

The TCG is programmed to comply with the Mongoose 2nd Edition Traveller Core Rulebook, with random rolls on all tables. However, that doesn't mean you can't change your character.

Stats, skills, equipment - everything is editable, so if you need to change something to comply with your group's house rules, or you just want to make a few tweaks, go ahead! We understand that having fun is the most important part of tabletop gaming, and nobody wants to be stuck with a character they're not excited about. You're in charge, not the software.

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    So, how do you do this - editing items especially.

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    IF the character was generated by the book and not through the software, how can the various Career items/events be triggered?

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    Bump! While it's nice to say "yeah, go ahead and do it" where are the instructions or help to actually do so? In my case, I want to edit stats before getting to the homeworld selection page. How is that done?

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