But I still Want To Load My Completed Character in the TCG!

OK, it is our intention to provide better functionality for loading completed characters in the TCG.  We'd like to ensure you can always load up your character, see your character sheet, buy/sell equipment, and modify basic character features all within the TCG.  This feature isn't available as a simple menu button yet, but there is a work around that gets you this functionality.


1) Create your character as normal all the way up through the equipment screen.


2) Once you reach the equipment screen click on the X in the upper left hand corner of the screen

3) Choose "Main menu"

4) Select "Save"

5) Once you are on the main menu, choose Character

6) Choose Load Character

7) You should now see a saved version of your character right

8) Click on the saved version of your character

9) You will find yourself back on the Equipment screen where you can still edit your characters basic attributes, buy/sell equipment, money etc. 

10) Modify your character as you need to.

11) Continue to save the character using steps 2-4 above as you make changes

12) Once the character has been saved, go ahead and click finish

13) enter any additional notes you wish to make click finish again, and a new character sheet will be generated for your character representing your latest changes. 


Once saved you can repeat this as much as you want to continue to access and update your character without the DCS.

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    Bill Lowrey

    Glad to hear you intend to improve this - it is a real pain doing this workaround (which I had mostly figured out already). Thanks for continuing to move this toward a good 1.0.

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