How Do I Generate a Character?

Hello! Welcome to this tutorial on how to generate a character using the TCG. Let's get started.


When you open the application you'll need to log in. Use the same username and password you used on As long as you always log in and purchase products with the same account, our data manager will keep track of all the software and content you own.


After logging in, you will see "Connecting" with a dark blue loading bar inside. It may take a while to download all your content, depending on the age of your computer and your internet connection speed.


After logging in, you will see this screen. To generate a character, click on "CHARACTERS"


To create a new character, click "NEW CHARACTER." You can also select "LOAD CHARACTER" to continue working on a character you started, but didn't finish.


When creating a new character, the first thing you must do is select your race. Choose from the menu in the upper left hand corner, or click on the models to rotate through the carousel.


Click the dice to roll your stats. You will have three tries and you cannot go back once you have re-rolled.


Assign your stats by dragging and dropping the numbers into the hexagonal boxes.


Then name your character and click "That's me." Now it's time to select your homeworld. Scroll through an alphabetical list of planets or use filters to select the kind of planet you want - Agricultural, Desert, Low Technology, etc.


You also need to select your 0 level skills. The number of skills you can choose is based on your education stat. Use the "add selected skill" button to add a skill. To remove a skill, click on it where it appears in the "skills" box in the bottom right hand corner and then click "remove selected skill"


At any time during character generation you may view your character sheet by clicking here. Click the sheet again to minimize it.


If you have the Pre-Career Education content add-on, you will be asked if you want to enroll in University, one of the military academies, or if you want to skip college.

Pay attention to this menu - you will see this type of dialog a lot throughout the software.


Next (or after you complete pre-career education) it's time to choose a career. Select a career from the list on the left to view a description, your chance of qualifying, and the career paths. To qualify, click the button in the lower right hand corner.


The TCG automates your dice rolls, and your modifiers are added in. The highest bright number is your result. The lowest number is your lowest possible result (2 + your modifiers), the highest is your highest possible result (12 + your modifiers). The red numbers represent the "failure zone" - if you roll one of these numbers you will fail the roll.

After qualifying for a career, you will need to choose a career path. Each path displays your chance of survival and advancement. To select a career path, click the button with the name of that path (See the red arrows).


Once you have chosen a career path you must roll on your career's skill table. The top row of boxes shows each table you can roll on. Click the boxes to see a description. The TCG also shows whether you have a skill already.


After you retire from your career (or careers) and roll for mustering out benefits, it's time to make connections.

One of the unique things about Traveller is the connections rule, where players will weave their characters' backstories together to create a shared history. The TCG currently lets you input connections manually. Type in the details in the box on the right. The age you put in is the other character's CURRENT age.


You can slide the bar forward or backward in time to choose one of your own events, or you can select "their event" and type in the details.


Simply type in the details and click "proceed"


Now you have the opportunity to put in notes about your connections (in this case, Charles and Maria). You must also select skills gained from your connections (one skill per connection).


Now that you have finished your character's career and connections, it's time to go shopping. If you acquired any equipment during character generation it will be listed in your "inventory." Any items you purchase on this screen will also show up in your inventory. You will only be able to see items your character can afford (you can always acquire items later using the DCS).

When you finish equipping your character, click "Finish." You will be able to view the character sheet, and the sheet will be automatically saved on your hard drive. Once the character is saved, it will also be associated with your account and you will be able to open it with the DCS.


Congratulations! You've just generated a character in the TCG!

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    Unfortunately, when you get to the connections screen...after filling out the details, the Next button doesn't work. It lights up when you select it but does not move to the next screen.



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    The issue is probably that you have chosen a skill with cascades (Gun Combat, Science, Professional Skill, etc) the software cannot move forward since the rules do not allow those skills to have a value higher than 0.  To avoid this issue, you should select one of the skills in the cascade (slug, physics, belter) to proceed.  


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