How do I log in to the TCG or DCS

There are two ways to login to the TCG or DCS, both require using the same password you use on RPGsuite, but you can either identify yourself with your RPGsuite username or with the e-mail address you signed up to RPGsuite with.  Note that using the same e-mail address will fail if you've created multiple accounts on RPGsuite with the same e-mail address.

If you need to find your username, this will help.


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    Darin Wayne Cook

    So far no pass-word combinations have worked.

    Even returning to the site and changing pass words produces no log into the product.

    Am I to entre 'My' name and then the site pass word?

    Am I to "Register an account"?

    When I have tried such I am simply returned to the very same pages that I already ahve open in my web vrowser.



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