How Do I Make a Psion?

One of the features we're working on is an engine customization that will allow you to automatically make a character Psionic. We know you can't wait for that, so here's our Psion workaround:

There is a hidden feature in the TCG that allows you to override any roll on the dice. Because entering the wrong value in some circumstances (such as events, mishaps, and skill selection) can break the program, we don't advertise it. Currently the only way to be a Psion is to have a Psionic Event, which usually happens as an Unusual Life Event. Here are the steps we use when we test the Psion career:


  • Start a new character. Assign stats, homeworld, and background skills as you like.
  • Select any career other than Psion to start out in.
  • Proceed through the career to the events screen.
  • Regardless of the event rolled, hit ctrl and the "`" key. This key is located directly below the escape key on most US keyboards. The character is referred to as the back quote or the tilde key. Once pressed you will see a bar appear at the bottom of the screen which will allow you to manually change the roll. Click in the text field and type 6. Then press next. This will move you on to a Life Event. Sometimes when you click next, it will roll a contact. Don't worry about this. Just press next until you are on the Life Event screen.

the tilde key


the events screen. This is where you hit ctrl+`



the override interface


  • On the Life Event screen press ctrl and the "`" key again and enter 11. This will take you to the Unusual Life Event screen. As with step 4, sometimes you will go to a screen that rolls a contact. Just click next again and you will be on the Unusual Life Event screen.
  • On the Unusual Life Event screen, press ctrl + ` one last time, and enter 1. This gives you a Psionic life event. When prompted, accept the life event.

you should see this dialog


click accept and then train your psionic powers!



From here on out, just follow the prompts. You'll wind up rolling your PSI stat, and training to see which individual talents you posses. Once this process is complete you can finish up your career, choose to muster out, and choose a different career. If you click on Psion you'll see that this career is now available!


Again, please use caution with the tilde trick! If you accidentally break the program you will likely lose the character you were working on.

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    I tried this (after the updated here and the email) and it worked a treat.  Thanks Zoe!  The instructions were clear and the pictures helped reinforce the directions.  Obviously, having this built to be a "feature" will make it more professional and useful, but the workaround did the job and it was easy to do.

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    I'm so glad! Enjoy your Psionic hijinks and please contact me if there's anything else I can help you with.

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